Monday, February 12, 2018

Chimeras, Hybrids, and Monsters, oh my!

Project One: Chimeras, Hybrids, and Monsters, oh my!
Rachel Hiers
For this project, I wanted to incorporate scenery backgrounds with a hybrid mixed
creature. I mostly just picked whatever animals that came to mind, or ones I hadn’t seen done
before. The background images are all taken by me, in Italy and Austria this summer. I don’t like
taking peoples images online and would rather make use of my own images. I focus towards
photography, so this is also why. Getting back into Photoshop has been great, I used a few
different tools for this project. I used the brush tool to make all my shadows. I tried my best to
blend the animals together as I could, and am overall happy with the turnout.

I found using my own backgrounds to be easier, because then I just had to get images of
the animals and selected those one by one to bring to the specific background. I wanted a range
of animals to be apart of the project. I involved some land, sea, and even one mythological, the
dragon. I didn’t want it to look to busy and didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many
Photoshop techniques. I’m excited to learn more about this massive program!