Monday, April 2, 2018

Research Proposal

Area of Interest:            

Uwf has a lot of flowers around campus. I’m planning to focus on that aspect of the landscape and explore the grounds to find all the flowers. I plan to visit the Camellia Garden on campus, the nature trails, and any other spots I can find around campus with flowers.

Research: I'm planning to draw some inspiration from artist Andy Goldsworthy. Instead, I would use flowers and I found most of his artwork to not include flowers. He used more rigid rough things like sticks, leaves, or rocks.

Places I'll go: Camellia gardens, nature trails around campus, and other various gardens I can find on campus. Flowers I pass walking to class.

Planning: I plan to gather together images of the flowers, research them and find out each type of flower. I want to even take some flowers and use them into an artwork. My concern will be the quality of the flowers as they diminish more. I could also do something digital with the photos I take. But I'm leaning towards more mixed media and  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Net Art HTML Pages

Here is my link to reach my pages of html I have so far. I currently can't figure out how to get the video to work once it is uploaded to File Zilla. But everything else seems to be intact.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Chimeras, Hybrids, and Monsters, oh my!

Project One: Chimeras, Hybrids, and Monsters, oh my!
Rachel Hiers
For this project, I wanted to incorporate scenery backgrounds with a hybrid mixed
creature. I mostly just picked whatever animals that came to mind, or ones I hadn’t seen done
before. The background images are all taken by me, in Italy and Austria this summer. I don’t like
taking peoples images online and would rather make use of my own images. I focus towards
photography, so this is also why. Getting back into Photoshop has been great, I used a few
different tools for this project. I used the brush tool to make all my shadows. I tried my best to
blend the animals together as I could, and am overall happy with the turnout.

I found using my own backgrounds to be easier, because then I just had to get images of
the animals and selected those one by one to bring to the specific background. I wanted a range
of animals to be apart of the project. I involved some land, sea, and even one mythological, the
dragon. I didn’t want it to look to busy and didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many
Photoshop techniques. I’m excited to learn more about this massive program!